How To Make A Christmas Mannequin 06th December

How to make a Christmas mannequin: Creative Christmas decorations

Quite some time ago, I was at a garden show and noticed the most beautiful mannequin dressed in florals.  She was actually quite captivating and drew an audience.  I was hooked.  Every year I take some time and design a new mannequin.

The entire process from designing the mannequin, to the gathering materials, to the finishing it off is quite relaxing.

This year I decided to create both a Christmas Mannequin and a New Year’s Mannequin.  My Christmas Mannequin is on display in one of our local shops, The Nest Collective and was given the name Mrs. Christmas.  I was very excited to learn that Mrs. Clause had won first prize in the tree decorating contest.

Below is a tutorial on how I put together my Christmas mannequin.  I hope you find the time to make one too! And if you do make a Christmas mannequin, send me the pictures as I would love to share with everyone.


1. Locate a mannequin

I really like vintage mannequins but new ones will work just as well.  I have also seen some very pretty metal mannequins online.  Mrs. Christmas is a 1980′s dress form.  Purple and not at all attractive but with the help of a little red bird and greenery, she turned out just lovely.


First step to a creative Christmas tree


2. Attach chicken wire to use as a base for the greenery  

The skirting can be made to be full or slender.  Using thin wire, start at the top and pull the chicken wire tight around the waist.  Then, hold it in place with a thin wire.  Make your way down the skirting with wire ties.  Make sure to twist the wire tight and do not leave any sharp ends poking out. Wear gloves when handling the wire.

Christmas mannequin: DIY Christmas tree

3. Attach Christmas lights

Attaching the lights before adding greenery will make you a much happier person.

Make sure to start placing the lights at the top of the skirt so you will have the plug-in portion at the bottom and back of the mannequin. Then, weave the lights in and out of the wire mesh.  Once you’re happy with the placement, tie your lights using the thin wire to keep them in place.  I used two strands of white lights on my mannequin.

Christmas lights for my DIY tree

4. Time to add greenery!

I like the look and the smell of the real fir boughs.  These boughs were chosen as they were not too large and rigid like some of other firs.  Pine boughs were way too sparse and pokey.  The cedar boughs are always pretty but they lay too flat.

I started in the middle of the skirting and worked my way down.  Some boughs went on top and others I tucked underneath.  There was no real order as I went with the size of the bough I grabbed.  I did leave the top part of the skirt to the last as this area was best suited with the smaller pieces of fir.  Just keep adding and fluffing until you are happy.  And be sure to use the good side to each bough with regards to colour and texture.

After the greenery has all been added the lights may need some adjusting.  This is best done in the dark.  Some of the lights may be a little  hidden under the greenery and need to be pulled forward a little more.

Adding greenery to my Christmas mannequin

5. Cover the bodice  

I wrapped a wide burlap ribbon around  her and fixed it in place with push pins.  Not all mannequins require that the bodice be covered.  The vintage and wire mannequins look very pretty with just a little covering up.  But the purple had to go on this lady.  In the picture below, the mannequin was top was not yet

In the picture below, the mannequin was top was not yet completed.  The moss actually carried down and she did not end up looking like some weird hairy chest neck lady.

The top of my unique Christmas tree

6. Add decorations

The bows and berries and bits and pieces all come together to make this mannequin a truly lovely Mrs. Christmas.











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