Tutorial: Image Transfer 03rd June

Image Transfer with Orange Solution


Here are the “Do What You Love” images as JPEGs:


Do What You Love Download                Do What You Love Mirror Image Download


Click here to download the “Do What You Love” images as a PDF file.


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2 Responses to “Tutorial: Image Transfer”

  1. Erika Synnestvedt says:

    Hi – I am currently working on creating a 36″ barnwood clock. The wood has been stained/painted/distressed and I attempted to use liquitex matte gel transfer and it worked but dried with a white background around my image. I have read that you can use Mod Podge and it dries clear. I was wondering if I use the orange solution if that will work better. My image was printed full size (36″) on very thin matte paper at the local Staples. Do you think using a cotton ball and orange solution to transfer is the best method?

    • admin says:

      Hello Erika.

      Sorry I missed this in all the junk notifications. Are you still working on this clock? The orange solution works great on a flat matte surface. It does work well as an outline on an uneven surface. What kind of detail is in the image. The liquitex gesso works great and it comes in clear. I have not seen clear modge podge. When I first did my cow image I used modge podge and only applied it where the image was to go but I did not do a perfect job so had to sand and scrape off a little of the white. As mentioned, the liquitex gesso does come in clear as I saw it at Michaels the other day but did not purchase it as was way too little of a jar and I could get away with the white.

      Let me know how you made out…Thanks so much, Sheryl

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