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A wooden Christmas tree will add a sweet simple charm to any room in your home or front porch.  They may be adorned in pretty bobbles, dressed with wooden stars or snowflakes or just left in their original primitive form. I have plenty of scrap wood around and therefore chose to use some it to make my two trees.  I liked the look of the different widths.  The lumber was pine and knot free.  I like knots but they tend to bleed through the paint and go a bright orange.  Old lumber always looks wonderful too.  Here are the steps to build your own Wooden Christmas Tree. Here are the steps to build your own Wooden Christmas Tree.


1.  Choose Lumber And Draw Out Tree

Choose your lumber  Determine the approximate height of the tree and the width of the base.  Draw out your tree. I used a string attached to the top and bottom boards enabling me to find the best pieces of scrap to fit my tree. I could slide them in and out under the string.

wooden tree line up boards frame



2.  Cut Your Tree Out

Once you have all your wood lined up, mark your tree and cut it out  This can be done by adding strips to the back of the tree.  Every wood plank is then screwed to the wood strip.  Leave enough room at the edge of the tree to run your skill saw down both sides. I decided to cut the wood planks on the chop saw.  It took a little longer but I was into the chop saw that day. I set my angle by the marked line and cut away.


wooden tree saw frame 3

If you want to add lights through the back, adjust the vertical strips closer to the tree edge.  In doing so, there will be enough room for the lights to poke through closer to the edge of the tree.  The strand will be contained within the strips resulting in a much cleaner finish.  The strand of lights will not be visible from the sides.  The tree will also hang nicely on the wall too. wood-christmas-tree-divider

3.  Cut Out Scallop

Before I assembled my tree, I cut out the scallop at the bottom but you can do this afterwards.  I used a quart paint can to draw out my circles.  I started in the middle and worked my way out to either side.  I used the jigsaw to cut out the scallop.  I irregularly sanded the edges over.  Add this plank back to the bottom of the tree.


draw scallop


4.  Add Lights

The addition of lights looks very pretty on these trees.  When purchasing your lights, make sure to buy a longer string as you will have to zig zag the strand to reach all the lights.


wooden tree lights frame


5.  Add Snowflakes and Stars

Arrange your stars/snowflakes how you like and make sure the holes you will be drilling miss the braces. Use a drill bit that is just a tad larger than the little light socket.  Pop your lights through.  Attach the rest of your string to the back of the tree so that it is not hanging loose. The stars and snowflakes were purchased at Michaels here in Canada.  They are expensive when buying so many but I waited until they went on sale.  I tried using both the plastic and stars and snowflakes from the dollar store but they blew apart when I tried to drill them so the Michael’s ones were definitely worth the money.

wood christmas tree light 3 framed

wood christmas tree light2 frame wood-christmas-tree-divider

6.  Finishing Up

The wooden trees may be attached to the wall with hangers or you may build a base.  See tutorial on building a base.  It is super easy. There are so many ways to decorate these wooden trees.  Below are a few pictures of what I did.  Sorry about the yucky pictures but we have had so much snow I was not able to get to my shop today and take some proper pictures.  These were taken at the start of my Christmas Booth.  I was still working on the large cabinet in and behind the grey tree as you can tell by the paper in the window. :-)


gold tree finally


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