My Life In Point Form

Hello and thank you so much for visiting my site.


I am still working on my “about me page” so will just share a bit about myself in point form below.


*  I am a mom to a gorgeous, mischievous, bright, adventurous, loving  little 6 year old girl. Her name is Nevaeh.  She has Down’s Syndrome.  When I first started blogging it was not all that cool to mix your personal life and your business.   Putting out personal information like this was frowned upon.  I had a hard time writing and really did not publish any of my posts as my personal life and business were so mixed together.  Now I am revisiting the 100 or so unpublished posts and will bring them up to date and eventually share them with you.


*  I live in British Columbia, Canada just outside of Victoria.  I have a wonderful family.  Life went sort of sideways on me so my daughter and I are presently residing with my parents and my elderly blind uncle.  It’s a happy mess.   Not perfect and a little haywire but good.


*  We have a crazy dog and our  yard is full of holes and weird chewy things.  My daughter and the dog are beautiful together.


*  I had breast cancer and in my heart know I will be fine.  It was a long road.  Chemotherapy, immunotherapy, mastectomy.  I am one of the lucky ones.  Part of the problem writing my about page were the pictures.  I had no hair.  I have hair now.  I am one of the lucky ones.


*  I have a super dusty and disorganized workshop where I create and build my “stuff”.  I just need a new oven in the back area and I will be able to make cakes while I wait for glue and paint to dry.  I like to multitask.  My excuse for lack of focus.  It works.


*  I love to build furniture and used to do custom work, however, I am now moving my business online. As previously mentioned,  I have written many tutorials on everything from how to build furniture to creating cupcake stands and all sorts of little tidbits in between.  Slowly, these tutorials are being posted on my site.  I LOVE writing tutorials and can hardly wait to share them all.


That was my story.  Thank you so much for being here.   If you would like to read my upcoming posts and tutorials as they are posted, just opt in with your email and join my list of friends.


Take care and my warmest wishes for you,




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