Adding Your Personality

This is my favourite step in the entire image transfer process, adding my own details by way of paints, stains, dings and dents, and stamp pads. Some images have more added to them than others depending on the way the print came out.

Hand painting over the transferred artwork is generally dependent on two factors.

The first being how the transferred actually fared in the transfer. Were there larger spots as to where the ink did not transfer? Were there tears in the paper? I tend to paint over the larger imperfections as these areas are generally quite light and the wood or medium may be visible.

The second factor in determining as to whether I paint over the image or not is dependent on the artwork itself. If the artwork was produced using watercolours, I like to paint over most of the image as these transfers tend to be quite light. Artwork that is created digitally can be harder to paint over as there are not really any brush strokes and it is hard to follow. Artwork that is created using oil paints or acrylics produces a wonderful tranfer and I typically do not paint over it.

It is entirely up to you as to what you want to do with your transfers. You may do nothing but spray on a finish or you may want to use the image as a pattern and go crazy with it. There is not right or wrong way. That is the beauty and fun of transferring, you never know how your artwork is going to unfold.

Here is a list of what I use for my artwork:

*Burnt Umber Oil Paint. This is an artist oil paint in a tube.

*Stamp Pads in black and antique brown and sometimes a little old gold or bronze.

*Paint thinner

*Hammer, longs screws, chisel or anything else that will ding and dent.

*Craft paints in any acrylic/waterbase you have on hand. I use a pink, grey, white, brown, light blue and a darker blue. Use what matches the image.

I experiment with other colours sometimes. The reason we use the water base as opposed to the oil is that the oil will wipe off with the thinner. It does not touch the dried acrylic. Important when distressing.

*I either wax or a varathane depending on the look I want to achieve. I find that a bit of shine or gloss adds more dimension and depth. 

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