Be Safe

Your safety is of the utmost importance to me as I am sure it is for you as well.  Simple slips ups can cause severe injury or even death.  Please read over the following list of safety tips I have compiled for you.  Please let me know if I have missed anything. 

1.  Make sure your work area is tidy and tools are easily accessible. 

2.  Safely run your cords.  If electrical boxes are few or in the wrong areas, run cords  from the ceiling and drop them down.  Make sure your cords are in good condition.

3.  Take care of your tools and have them serviced if need be.  Check to make sure your blades are sharp and your switches are operating properly.

4.  Before cutting lumber, take a look for any warps, nails, screws or staples.  Warped and twisted wood can cause kickback and throw your arm off.

5.  When possible use push sticks when moving lumber past the blade.  This is especially so when using the table saw.

6.  When using the table saw, be aware that the cut off wood can sometimes shoot out at you. 

7.   Do not wear loose clothing as it can get caught up in the moving parts.  Keep long hair pulled back.

8.  Wear safety glasses, ear protection and masks best suited for the job.

9.  Use only the equipment your are confident with.  Ask for guidance when you are unsure.

10.  Do not use the tools when you are tired, hungry, distracted, have had a drink or comsumed/smoked anything that might impair your judgement.  You must be focused on the job in front of you.  Do not chat with family and friends.  I actually don’t even like others around me when I am cutting.

11.  When running equipment that can potentially harm you, really think about what you are doing and what your next step is.  It will save you from making the wrong cuts and possibly from something more painful.

12.  Make sure all equipment is turned off when you are finished and unplug the equipment.  Double check that it is off when you go to plug it in.  Make sure table saws are clear before turning on the switch.

13.  When changing blades or setting up your equipment such as a router, make sure you have unplugged the piece. Double check always.

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