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Downloading Shared Files and Folders

Now that you are here with us, there are a few things to help make your DIY home an awesome place to be. First, you must join the Facebook community.

Messy Glue

Tip #2 involves glue. A simple substance and a simple application but if you have stray glue, you have mess to clean up. A complete waste of time. Continue reading

Cutting Your Lumber

Tip #7. When you cut your lumber, you make sawdust. What you want to make sure is that the sawdust you made came off the right side of your mark. If you cut to short, you cannot glue it back. Continue reading

Non Mortise Hinges

Tip #10 These non mortising hinges were an absolute nightmare for me to install for years. I dreaded them but they looked nice. Now all these years later I finally figured out how to put them in without wanting to throw the cabinet door in to my wood stove. Continue reading

Drilliing Holes For Shelves

Tip #3. Here is a great little tip when you want to drill out holes for your shelves. I like the looks of the little steel sleeves used in conjunction with the pins. Here is an easy jig to make that makes drilling out your holes so much easier. Continue reading

When Using Clamps

Tip #5. I constantly use clamps in the shop. I use them for gluing up doors, table tops and cabinets but I also use them just to hold bits and piece in place. Clamps act as second set of hands for me. However, if not used properly they will leave dents and marks in your lovely project. Continue reading

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