How To Make A Christmas Blackboard

Christmas blackboard transfer tutorial


Blackboards, like pallet trees, are as popular as ever.  You can find blackboards at weddings, on furniture and place mats, on walls, and mason jars.  The list is goes on and on. With all the incredible fonts, embellishments, banners and flourishes available online, it is not hard to find inspiration when it comes to creating  a fantastic chalkboard.

In this workshop, I have given you some lovely Christmas designs for you to download as well.  The process of transferring images on to the blackboard is very easy and you still have time to make one if you have not already. If you don’t have time, at least the tutorial is here and you can use it in the New Year.  I have more  artwork to share with everyone.  Hope you enjoy this tutorial.


1.  Choose A Design Before You Make Your Board.

Pick a design, size it in Blockposter or another program and then print it out and put it together.  Do this before you cut any plywood to make sure you have the right dimensions and shape.

I wrote a tutorial on how to size and print your images in the free program,

Here is the link:  If your image is over 2,5mb. there is a $5 fee.

You will find at the end of this tutorial, 6 wonderful Christmas images for you to download for your own personal use or to make and sell.  Please do not share the digital files as they are copyright.

The following images are a few of the blackboards I have created with the artwork provided by our artists.

The blackboard images below are approximately 4 feet tall.  I am so sorry about these dreadful pictures but this is all I have.  The barn wood frame surrounding the pictures is actually a little more grey and the boards of course much blacker.  I should probably take a photography and editing workshop.








2. Prepare Your Image.

If  Blockposter was used to create the image, you will notice a border around each page.  You can see the white lines cutting through the lettering.  This border needs to be trimmed.  When finished, assemble the puzzle and tape pieces together.



3.  Use White Transfer Paper

Use white transfer paper to transfer your image.  This paper is like the carbon paper we used to put in to our typewriters.  I’m definitely marking my age here.

Place the white transfer paper, chalk side down,  in between the image and the black board.

Tape two of the corners to hold it in place.

Using a pencil or stylus, trace out the pattern.  Keep checking to make sure the transfer is happening and the image has not shifted.  Make sure to place the pattern right back where you found it.






4.  Fill In The Blanks

Once you have finished transferring the image, it is time to fill in the lines.

You can smudge, colour, shadow or add pattern to your image.

I like to use plain old chalk like you had in school.

I also like to use chalk pens but sometimes the colours go on to perfect and bright.

Chalk pastels work great too and are available in so many pretty colours.

You can also use a combination of pens and chalk to create the image.  Remember, this is your artwork and you can do what ever you like.

Keep a damp cloth handy so you can fix any mistakes.

Do not use paper towel as it will leave fuzzies all over.

Q-tips work fantastic as do rubber erasers.

For finer tipped chalk if you do not have the skinnier chalk pencil, use a pencil sharpener.

Below are some close up pictures of the finished artwork.




5.  Spray Finish.

No plans to erase your blackboard?   Spray it with a Final Net Hairspray and it must be the aerosol.  This will not only protect your chalkboard,  but  will also  prevent it from getting dusty.

Make sure to do a test first to see how the spray comes out, how it covers and if it does not melt away your chalk.  They are all different. Do up that test board and save yourself some grief.

I have made several very detailed chalkboards over the past years and failed to spray them,   Now they are  very dusty. I have to painstakingly go over the entire image with cotton q-tips.  UGH.


Below are the five wonderful Christmas designs for you to try out.  I just love them.  I will add two new ones this coming week.

All the photos are smaller than 5mb so work perfect for the site.  I really do hope you give some of these a try.  ENJOY


christmas final 15


baby its cold outside



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