Downloading Shared Files and Folders

Downloading Shared Files and Folders

Because I often share very large, high-resolution image files that I can’t upload directly to this site, I wanted to put together a quick guide on sharing files using Dropbox and Google Drive. That way, you can have the high-quality images you need to recreate some of these projects at home.

Both Dropbox and Google Drive are services that make it possible to share files with anyone who has an internet connection.

Plus, you might want to use these services to store your own, personal files. That’s because files on Google Drive and Dropbox stay safe even if your computer is damaged (spilled coffee anyone?) and make it possible for you to access your files even when physically you’re away from your computer (like at a friend’s house or on your phone).

I’ve also included information on opening ZIP files as it is another common method for share large files on the web and through email.

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