Talking About Sandpaper


The most basic of shop items but the most important.

Sandpaper does not stand out much in the workshop and when compared with the other impressive shop tools, it is quite boring and unassuming.  However, sandpaper is one of the most important tools you will ever purchase.  And yes, sandpaper is considered a tool.  It is an aggressive little tool that is composed of tiny sharp edges that will cut through wood and even steel.


Sandpaper is most commonly used for eliminating blemishes, unwanted dings, old paint and prior sanding marks. It will level material and prepare surfaces for finishing.  Sandpaper, when used properly, will be complete the final detail necessary to produce a noticeable high quality finish.


Of course, keep in mind that you can’t use just any sandpaper. You’re going to need something that’s right for the task. Using the wrong grit (i.e too rough or to smooth) may degrade or totally ruin the finished piece or cause you unnecessary time and waste paper.


So, for the sake of saving time and money and with the intent of producing a quality finish,  it would be worth your while to learn about sandpaper, become familiar with the different types available and learn the tips for maximizing its use.  Not exactly an engaging read, but you will better equipped with this necessary knowledge.


In this course  we will mostly discuss sandpaper as it pertains to woodworking and the projects we will be working on.  Oh and pay attention as there will be a quiz. I love quizzes.

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