The Kreg Jig

One of the simplest and easiest ways of joining two pieces of wood is pocket joinery.


At the very basics, pocket hole joinery consists of driving  a wood screw in to the face of one board at an angle and connecting it with another board.


In 1986, Craig Sommerfield took this simple concept and made it even easier for us by inventing the Kreg Jig.


This system involves:


  *  predrilling an angled hole in the face of one board using his Kreg Jig.


  *  aligning two board together that are held in place by a clamp


  *  driving  a specialized screw in to the predrilled pocket thus pulling the two boards creating  a strong joint.


For hundreds of years, gifted craftsmen have laboriously hand cut dovetails and mortise and tenons to join pieces of wood together to create beautiful  furniture. 


Many woodworkers today still use these techniques even though technological advances offer much quicker options.  It is the journey and the craft that keeps these proud woodworkers from taking the easy road.


There is another set of woodworkers who are project based and want easy and fast builds.  The journey to the end piece is not important, just getting it done is what matters.


Then there are those of us who land somewhere in the middle and use a combination of both old and new to find the right balance in the piece we are building.



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