Vision Board For Your Style and Perfect Partner

It is natural for those of us who are creative by nature to be wooed and courted by the Pied Piper of new and shiny things.  He plays a new song and we dance a new jig.  We can’t help it.  Every song is a new experience, a new challenge and a new opportunity just waiting for us two step in to a new adventure.

With sites like Pinterest, Tumbler, Instagram and every Facebook page and group on the internet imaginable, it is not hard to become overwhelmed and be swept off our dancing feet by all these exciting and enticing creative endeavours.


As much as all of this is wonderfully exhilarating, it can have the adverse affect and cause us to loose our focus,  question our decisions and capabilities and parallelize our creativity.  We become confused and exhausted.  We experience a creative burnout of sorts and we exit the dance floor.


A relatively simple solution to help keep our creative selves in check, is the Vision Board or Visual Map.   This is a collage of images and or objects that represent such things as your goals and ambitions, your style and your activity. 


Vision Boards can be used for education, home decor, planning a vacation, fitness goals, business plans, weddings, clothing styles and holidays. The list goes on.


Besides being a collage of one’s intents, the Vision board will help to keep your mind focused and uncluttered.  It will keep you on track and provide you with both motivation and inspiration.  It can be a visual platform for pretty well every aspect of your life.  All your thoughts and crazy ideas right there for you to see.


In the next lesson we will discuss how a Vision Board can help you with your creative style and attract your perfect people.

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