Farmhouse BINGO

Welcome to our Farmhouse BINGO game.

This is a great way to get to know your fellow Farmhouse Style enthusiasts and we want to get to know you. 

The more you participate in this group, the more you will get out of it.  I am here to encourage you to get those tools out and build. Creating is just so good for the soul and I had so much fun creating this BINGO card for you.  I hope you enjoy it.

Ok, so how does this BINGO game work?

I have given you some tasks to complete in the form of the word HOUSE.  Each time you complete a task by way posting or commenting in the group, check off the box in the horizontal line associated with it.

H is for Help.   Ask for help. Post a question. Like what type of sandpaper should I use or what does countersink mean?  Zero in on your question.  Don’t ask a broad question like “How do I to build a table?”

O is for Outline.   Outline a goal that you would like to achieve.  State the goal?  What do you require to accomplish this goal?   Set a deadline.  For example.  I want to learn how to use the jigsaw by Feruary10.  I need to purchase new blades and I need for a skilled person to show me how.  Or I want to make a bench by Easter and list some of the things you need to do to accomplish this.

U is for Upload.   This is very broad. Upload a picture of you or your tools or something you are working on or would like to build.  As long as it pertains to Farmhouse Style woodworking, you are good.

S is for Sketch.   Roughly sketch out a project you would like to build.  It does not have to be perfect. Just get it down on paper.  Add all the detail you can.  Show us what you have sketched out.  Post it.

E is for Encouragement.   Encourage your fellow Farmhouse enthusiasts.  Leave a lovely comment on there post or answer one of their questions.

Below are the lines you must have to be eligible to be entered in to the draws: You are allowed only one entry in this game.

A ONE LINER must be vertical. Horizontal single lines do not count.

You must complete one of each of the tasks in the word HOUSE to have completed a vertical line.  You can do this under any of the letters in FARM as the days go on.

Upon doing so, you will be entered in to the draw for ONE LINERS.  Only one entry for a ONE LINER will be allowed.

An "H" can be obtained by participating each day of the BINGO game. The center line must be the center line associated with the "U"

The “H” must be formed using the vertical outer lines being under the “F” and the “M”.

The middle line must be formed using the middle horizontal line being the “U” in the word HOUSE.

The Black Out. All boxes must be ticked off.

In order to obtain a Black Out you must participate all days and have done four of each of the tasks in the word HOUSE.

You must post a picture of yourself with your BINGO card in the group in the associated thread to have your name added to the Hamster Wheel.

And now for the prizes.

Why am I giving away prizes in this free group? 

Because I figure you did the work I had asked, you put in the effort and you contributed to this community.  Your contributions are very important and much appreciated.

Now this is important…You can either complete one line or an “H” or complete a Blackout. You will only be eligible for one draw in this game.

The draws are as follows:

If you complete one vertical line, you are entered to win a $50 Home Depot Card.

If you complete the “H” you are entered to win a $75 Home Depot Card.

If you complete a Black Out, you are entered to win a $100 Home Depot Card.

I am not being sponsored by Home Depot, nor are they affiliated in this BINGO game in any way.  This is my own money being spent here.  Home Depot is across North America.  If you are not in North America, we will talk and find something that works.

This BINGO game will come to a close Monday February 10th at 11am PST.  On Wednesday February 12th I will draw the winners in this group. 

Here is the Farmhouse BINGO card. Just right click "save as" and download it to your computer and print.

I hope you enjoy this BINGO game. Any questions please contact me by email at or message me in our group. 🙂

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