How To Repair Damaged Furniture

Frame and Furniture Repair Workshops

I see this all the time, “Reduced prices for damaged pieces.”  Nice furniture tossed out, given away, or put on clearance.

We have all had that one gorgeous frame with the damaged detail or a missing piece of an applique on a pretty dresser.  Maybe a chunk of molding chipped out on the corner of an armoire or on a table leg. Ugh.

Wouldn’t it be great to fix these pieces and sell them for what they are worth or at least keep them for yourself?

This workshop will teach you how to fix many of these broken beauties.

You will learn how to repair broken corners, replicate damaged moldings, replace missing appliques and so much more.  Of course, not everything is fixable but the majority of these pieces are.

This technically is a four-hour workshop but if you are not quite finished, come on back to the next session and finish up.  All materials are included and you will go home with a starter kit of your own supplies to open up your own repair shop.

Cost is 125 which is paid in full at time of registration. This is non-refundable as your supplies have been purchased and your space spoken for.  If it is really a super duper excuse, you may be given a credit for this course or another.

Send me a picture of a piece you would like to repair and I will see what we can do to fix it.

These workshops are designed to give you all the information and hands-on experience you should require to do the job.  Once you have completed the course, you may join our private group on Facebook for additional support from others and myself.  I cannot guarantee that I will always be available but will try to check in often.

If you require further information, please ring me at 250-710-5458 or email me at

Hope to see you in the next workshop.

xoxo Sheryl






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