What Makes Up The KregJig System? 14th June

The KregJig has the following features.  It is simple to use and it will not take long for you to become a pro.

1/   The drill bit guide. This is set to the thickness of the board in to which the holes will be drilled.  Most of the time it will be set to 3/4″.

2/   The clamp which hold the board to be drilled in place.

3/  Three holes that guide the drill to form a hole in the wood at a 15 degree angle. 

4/  A guide for adjusting the position of the collar on the step drill bit

5/  The pin lock which secures the pocket hole guide.

6/  The specialized drill bit which simultaneously drills a pilot hole and the clearance hole for the screw head.

7/  The  Allen key is used to tighten the collar.

8/  The  specialized screw has flat head that which stops at the narrow width of the hole and hold the two boards tight in place.

9/  The square driver bit.  This bit has a square tip to accommodate the screw head. The length is required to drive the screw in to the depth of the hole.

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