Our Story

We all have a story to tell.

Here are a few chapters IN mine.

Let's start this chapter with the arrival of Nevaeh in to my life. An unexpected pregnancy. I was told I would probably not have children at this time. What a sweet surprise. No, I did not know she would have Downs Syndrome. I am asked if I had an amnio. My answer is no. I had cancelled it. The information it would provide me was irrelevant. Nevaeh is perfectly imperfect. A beautiful child. A gift to those around her.

Nevaeh has had many health issues. The latest being stage 3 kidney disease and a feeding tube. She is 9. She is stable. She is fun. She is stubborn. She is still in diapers. She is still learning to talk. She is smart. She is sassy. She is a dancer and a comedian. She is learning to swim and skate. She loves to ride horses. She is scared of most adults. She has a port in her chest. She is pretty and pretty dramatic. She loves school. She is generally up by 5am.

A little about my 9 years.  Having a child with a disability is beautiful and rough.  Having a sick child is tough.  Having a child with both these challenges can be heartbreaking.  Having to go through breast cancer with a disabled sick child, now that was a bit of a go round.  But...... I am here and so is my daughter.  I had a mastectomy and await reconstruction.  My hair is back.   I am stronger.  I am still fearful.  I struggle in many areas. I am single. I search out the good.  I look for the sparkle.  I am compassionate. I smile alot. I am still sane.  I drink tea and koumbachi.  I bake. I build. I create. I care.  I love to teach.

I created this website and membership for three reasons: 

One. To share my passion for building furniture and creating wood related home decor.

Two. Through creativity, inspire other women who may also be going through a difficult time.

Three. To be able to provide a living for myself and my daughter and one day, financially help other parents who are going through a difficult time with their child.

Welcome to The Gilded Daisy DIY Masterclass

Let's Have Some Fun And Get You Building Something.

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