The Gilded Daisy’s DIY Masterclass

The Gilded Daisy's DIY Masterclass

A monthly membership for a creative lifestyle

It's all here for you. The knowledge, the guidance and the community.

(and The Other Stuff You Didn't Know You Need To Know.)

new large clock(1)

I want to make this clock. What is the difference between rub off tranfers and the other transfers?

bunny Lilian

How much paper do I rub off? Sometimes it tears. Is this normal What about the wrinkles?

What Will I learn?

How to image transfer. The tecniques, the materials and tricks and tips.

How to create your own artwork using Picmonkey.

How to use the tools so you can build trays, cabinets, tables and so much more.

How to make moulds and appliques.

How to design and build the furniture and home decor you love.

How to build and create beautiful blackboards.

How to antique your pieces.

Milk paint, latex paint, chalk paint, mineral paint, oil paint, glazes...ahhh what do I use?

And so much more as I am always creating.....

Members in good standing receive 10% off all prints before taxes and shipping.

What Will I Receive Monthly?

* Support from a very active and creative online community

* A success path that will help keep you on track and create results.

* Two new lessons every month to expand your skills and fire up your creativity.

* Two free images created by our artists especially for our members. (downloads)

* Q and A scheduled events so you all can learn from each other.

*A new lesson or two each month covering the techy stuff that is relevant to individual projects.

* We have created a private website accessible only to our members.

* I believe in a creative lifestyle. It takes work and I am here to help you acheive it.

* Lessons that are detailed and delivered in both video and text.

* Each month a new print will be made available to members at a 10% discount.

* Each month we will shine the spotlight on a member and talk about their project.

* Embellishment workshops created to enhance your transfers and personalize your artwork.

I love to teach and I have 25 years of experience in building furniture and crafting home decor. My creative endeavors have seen me through some pretty rough times. I cannot emphasize enough, just how much of an impact the act of creating has had in my life and continues to do so.

Creativity can help mend a broken heart and repair shattered dreams. It can build confidence while restoring clarity. It can open doors and bring prosperity. Creativity does not recognize borders, ethnicity, religion, disabilities, gender nor status. Given a chance, it will forge new friendships that will last a lifetime.

Creativity is a lifestyle you choose. It takes work and dedication but the results are incredible and life altering. The act of creating is a verb and therefore, it is fluid in it's movements. There is a flow in creativity and it can reach far away places all while leaving a golden trail that is for the good.

As the lyrics go "it's a small world after all..." and creativity helps to make our world just that much smaller and a little cozier.

The Gilded Daisy Image Transfer and Embellishment Boutique is a monthly subscription and runs for 30 consecutive days beginning the day you register. It will automatically renew every 30 days on or around the same business day of registration. If you find this is just not the best time to have me as your creative coach, you can cancel up to two days prior to your renewal. The cost is only $39 per month to have me help build and create the pieces you love.

There is just so much we have to share. Our intention is to have you creating artwork that in some way tells your story. What you create is representative of you and your beliefs. A way for you to share your message with the world.
The world needs more sparkly people.

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